The City of Morden is planning to offer Kids World Dance classes on a regular basis starting this fall. In order to move forward with this, an instructor certification session has been planned with Difinity Dance who has put together the program. The instructor training session will at the same time offer FREE Trial Classes for each age group (3-5, 5-8, 8-12). The training session and free classes are offered with support from Southern Health’s Healthy Living Together grant.  Details and registration for instructors and students are at www.mordenmb.com/kwd.

Stephanie Dueck Rec Programmer for City of Morden commented on the project, “We continue to expand culture focused recreation programming often in partnership with Regional Connections including World Cooking Classes and Around the World Summer Camp. Adding a World Dance program for kids is very fitting to add to our list of offerings for fall and we hope the community will support the programming so it can take off!”

Difinity Dance has spent 11 years designing dance fitness programs to match the diverse needs of every rural community in Manitoba. Stephanie Strugar, founder of Difinity Dance is originally from rural MB, she lived in various communities across the province. As a child she had limited access to performance arts training, so DDSP was established with the mission to provide high quality inclusive dance fitness education to children, youth, families, and individuals across MB. Through collaboration with community organizations, private sponsorship, and grant funding DDSP facilitates these services for affordable rates by removing accessibility barriers to Manitoban families.

DDSP believes every community in Manitoba deserves sustainable, high-quality, innovative, and affordable dance education. Educators can now access dance fitness education through DDSP’s Educator Certification programs. Now emerging and established dance fitness educators in rural areas can access modern dance and physical literacy through DDSP’s Educator Certification mobile Training Workshops and Apprenticeship program. Certified Educators can provide DDSP’s trademarked licensed programs to daycares, schools, community and recreation organizations year-round ensuring all Manitobans have access to high-quality dance fitness education.

Difinity Dance will be providing a Dance Educator Certification training opportunity for their trademarked Dance Fitness program World Dance on September.7th.2019 from 1pm to 6pm at Prairie Dale School in Schanzenfeld, MB. This opportunity is open to all emerging and established dance and fitness educators located in Morden, and neighboring communities who desire to provide cross-cultural dance fitness education to children ages 3 to 12 years of age. Parents can sign kids up for the free trial class, and dance instructors can register for certification at www.mordenmb.com/kwd (deadline is August 30 for instructors).