The City of Morden, Parks Department would like to ask for the community’s assistance in watering boulevard trees. 

Due to the lack of moisture over the past several weeks, some trees are showing signs of moisture stress. Smaller and younger trees up to 5 years old are the highest priority for watering during dry conditions.

Watering should be carried out during the cooler parts of the day, such as evening and early morning. The amount of water given should provide a deep soak into the soil, using one of the following approximate measurements:

  • 20 litres, or
  • 5 ½ gallons, or
  • 2 – 4 minutes with a standard garden hose.

This should be done once a week a minimum, and ideally twice per week. Infrequent, deep soakings are better than frequent shallow watering.

Also as we move towards fall, it’s important to “soak-in” all your trees to better preparing them for overwintering. Conifers (spruce and pine) are susceptible to drying out during the winter months and even large mature trees should be well watered in the fall before frost (approximately mid-October).

The Parks Department would like to thank all its residents who maintain around and care for our City’s trees.