Tourism Marketing Team Needs New Committee Member

The Morden Tourism Marketing Team is made up of a group of residents that are appointed by Council to help market the existing events and attractions in Morden with the aim of increasing year-round tourism to the community.  The group is funded by Council.

Each year there is a need for new members.  This year we need one new member so the team invites residents to express an interest in serving on this committee.  Once received, the names will be given to Council and they will decide who will serve on the committee from January to December 2013.  Initially the term is one year, giving the newcomer a chance to see how the committee works.

How to apply?

Please send in a letter to Morden Tourism Marketing Team, 100 – 195 Stephen Street, Morden, R6M 1V3 OR email If you have any questions please call 204-822-2562.  Deadline is November 6th, 2012.

Who serves on the committee now?

  • James Steedsman – Committee Member
  • Sharon Webb – Committee Member
  • Steve Hiebert – Committee Member
  • Darren Enns – Committee Member
  • Maurice Butler – Chair
  • Carol Wilkinson – Secretary-Treasurer

When are the meetings?

The Morden Tourism Marketing Team meets approximately six times a year.  The meetings are held over lunch from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.

What does the committee do?

They develop an Action Plan for the next year which is then sent to Council with a formal request for funding. Throughout the process new marketing ideas are discussed and researched by the team. Some of the marketing methods we use now are:

  • Travel Manitoba
  • Indoor & Outdoor Digital Marketing in Winnipeg
  • Outdoor Benchmark Advertising in Winnipeg
  • CityTV Advertising – Winnipeg
  • Videos
  • Tourism Website
  • Trade Shows
  • Professional Photography