L/R Elks Club Members - Norm Krueger, Don Sager, Bill Sandercock.

L/R Elks Club Members – Norm Krueger, Don Sager, Bill Sandercock.

The Morden Elks Club and the City of Morden have partnered to resurface the tennis courts at Elks Park, located on the corner of South Railway and Pembina Drive. The project was completed on July 22 and is now open to the public to use free of charge. Funding for this project came from:
• A federal grant to the Elks Club from the Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund $16,050
• Morden Elks Club $ 4,000
• City of Morden $12,700

“This was an Elks Club initiative. They completed grant applications and fund raising as well as provided the labor on the courts with the nets and fencing. The City helped with equipment, some labor and additional funding. The Elks are great supporters of our community. This is a very positive project for our city and provides additional recreational opportunities,” said Clare Agnew – Director of Community Services.

“The Morden Elks were looking at ways to improve Elks Park. The original tennis courts were built in 1980, and were at a state of being non-playable. With the favorable grant application and working in partnership with the City, it made it possible to resurface the courts and really start to rejuvenate the Park. The Elks are happy with the project and hope it’s something the community will enjoy, “ said Glenn Ritchie from the Morden Elks Club.

Elks members Gord Maddock and Garry Thompson were responsible for the work party to dismantle and re-install the perimeter fencing and court posts and nets.

“We’re excited with how the tennis courts look. The park is really coming together with activities for all ages. I think it’s going to become a destination. We’ve had lots of interest and positive comments already. Some people were playing before we even installed the nets. We are starting to look for other grants to enable us to apply a non-slip sport topping that also protects the asphalt. This would extend the life of the asphalt and enhance the playing surface. They recommend you apply it a year after the initial asphalt is laid. The cost of the sport topping is approximately $14,000.” said Gord Maddock, Elks Club Member.

L/R Gord Maddock – Elks Club, Clare Agnew – City of Morden, Dale Heide – Delmar Commodities.

L/R Gord Maddock – Elks Club, Clare Agnew – City of Morden, Dale Heide – Delmar Commodities.

In the past there were basketball nets within the tennis court to make it dual purpose. Another great partnership was formed with the Morden Elks, Delmar Commodities and the City of Morden to install a separate basketball playing surface the size of 24’ x 36’ complete with two nets at the Elks Park. They also decided to install a smaller pad at Nelson Park with one hoop which is good for practicing shots or playing one-on-one basketball. Funding for this project came from:
• Delmar Commodities Sponsorship $5000
• City staff provided labor
• Elks Club provided materials for the basketball nets

“The basketball nets were taken down from the tennis courts as the Elks prepared the tennis court resurfacing project. With the improved playing surface for tennis and the added interest in Pickle Ball, the demand on the courts could be high. We thought it would be better to build a separate playing surface for the basketball nets. Delmar Commodities provided the funding to make that possible,” continued Clare Agnew.