The Town of Morden would like to report that due to one water tower being taken out of service, combined with the hot climate conditions, water consumption in the Town has increased to the point where it has become an issue.  Residents are being asked for their help to conserve water.

The suggested method of conservation is simple. Residents with odd house numbers are asked to water their gardens on odd calendar dates and even house numbers on even calendar dates.

Morden’s Water Treatment Plant


Even with the Water Treatment Plant running at full capacity, during the high demand periods, each day the water storage levels are dropping.  The plant can produce enough water each day but needs more storage space to cover these high usage periods.  As well as having enough water for high usage periods, we also need to ensure there is enough water in storage to cover our emergency requirements for fire fighting.


“The intent is to have the new storage tank built in 2013.  Options for this new storage facility are being studied at this time. Residents cooperation with this temporary issue is most appreciated,” said Les Wieler – Director of Public Works.