Refurbished Mural Unveiled

Margie Hildebrand speaking at the unveiling of the refurbished ‘Sir John A. MacDonald’s Visit to Morden’ mural.


The refurbishment of the mural ‘Sir John A. Macdonald’s Visit to Morden’ is now complete.  The unveiling of the mural took place August 27th at the 55+ Activity Centre.  The artist, Margie Hildebrand was on hand to explain that it took over 87 hours to do the work on the mural.  She said that the mural now has a special protective coating which will help it last for more than 15 years plus the location facing North will also assist in keeping the colours bright.

The mural used to be on the Coffee Culture building at 301 Stephen Street.  Everyone agreed that this new location was excellent because it brought the mural closer to where the railway station used to be.

Special thanks were given to the 55+ Activity Centre Board for their decision to allow the mural to have a place on their building.  Mayor Ken Wiebe, MLA Cameron Friesen, Maurice Butler and the artist Margie Hildebrand all said a few words.