The City of Morden would like to inform its residents of plans to basal spray American elm trees within the City for control of elm bark beetles. This treatment helps prevent the overwintering of elm bark beetles, which may be carrying Dutch elm disease fungal spores. The basal spraying program is part of the City’s Dutch Elm Disease Management Program and is identified as a DED preventative maintenance control measure in the Community Forest Agreement with the Province of Manitoba. Effective control is achieved through treatment of all Elm trees in the community, approximately 2,800 trees will be treated on public and private property. Once treatment has occurred the contractor will place a green drop flag in the ground on the property. Immediately following treatment, residents are encouraged to avoid direct contact with treated trees.

Basal Spraying will begin August 26th, 2019.

Green Drop is contracted to conduct the spraying, Green Drop staff, trucks and equipment will be easily identified while spraying is taking place.

See the full release here (PDF)