Pedestrian Safety Flagged as a Priority in Morden

20131015-PedestrianSafetyFlags-WebMorden’s Thornhill and Mountain Streets are Provincial Highways and as such, all the crosswalks on these roads are the responsibility of the Provincial Government.

“In collaboration with Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation (MIT), the City and the Province are working together to improve pedestrian safety with a “Corridor” style crossing at Thornhill and 13th Street (same as the 5th and Thornhill crossing).The Province has expedited the upgrade of the crossing, hoping to install it this year. We are very encouraged by the collaborative approach the Province is taking and appreciate how responsive they have been to our concerns,” said Dave Haines – Director of Planning & Engineering.

Recognizing that the current crossing is not visible enough to motorists, Morden’s Council investigated ways to improve the current crossing’s visibility; as you can see, the City has initiated a pilot program called “PedFlag” Pedestrian Safety Program.

“The idea of a PedFlag Program was brought to the City’s attention by a resident who saw the flags in action while visiting Washington State. We thought it was a great idea, so we’ve installed it at this location as a pilot program. The flag’s bright colour along with reflective strips draws the attention to the pedestrian and helps the motorist see that someone is crossing the highway,” said Mayor Ken Wiebe.

Q: How does the PedFlag Pedestrian Safety Program work?
A: The basic concept of the PedFlag Program is to assist the pedestrian in gaining the attention of the approaching motorist. With the aid of the brightly colored flag that can be held out in front of the pedestrian and/or waved, the pedestrian is better able to attract the attention of the driver sooner by becoming more visible. This is a device that is low in cost and can be installed for pedestrian use in a timely manner. Once the equipment is installed at the crossing, the only ongoing cost is the replacement of the flags.

Q: How many PedFlag locations does Morden have?
A: Morden has 1 PedFlag location at 13th Street & Thornhill Street. (Highway #3)