Let’s Community Better, together

The Community Better Challenge is an annual event that aims to get neighbourhoods across the country moving together.

Oh, did we mention that your Morden could win $150,000 to go toward physical activity improvements if it’s crowned as Canada’s Most Active Community? It’s true!

At the conclusion of the challenge, one community will earn the top prize and title of being Canada’s most active. In addition to the national winner, there will also be finalists recognized from all regions of Canada who will be awarded $20,000.

So, be sure to get moving and tracking your physical activity minutes.
Everything gets better when you get active- including communities!

The challenge is open to all Canadians and will run from May 31st to June 16th.

 Here’s 10 reasons why you should get involved:

1. Spend quality time with your entire family
2. Help your community win $150,000 and be crowned Canada’s Most Active Community
3. Strengthen your social network in your community
4. Enjoy some fun time outdoors
5. Track your minutes of physical activity in the new ParticipACTION app for a chance to win sweet individual prizes
6. Spark your motivation to move more and sit less
7. Learn new skills by trying different activities you haven’t tried before
8. Clock some of the 150 minutes of activity you need each week
9. Re-connect with old friends
10. Learn what it means to Community Better


How do I track my minutes?

OR – check out the Apple App Store or Google Play and download the new ParticipACTION app.

Track active minutes through the app to be automatically counted toward your community score. The more you track, the greater chance your community has of winning. You also have the chance to win great prizes for yourself when you use the app.

Activity Ideas

Learn: Why It’s Good to Be Active

Browse ParticipACTION’s website with lots of inforamation about how everything gets better when you’re active (sleep, energy, focus, love etc).