Morden Commemorates Local Soldiers With WW1 Murals

100-Year Anniversary of Great War


Date – June 25, 2018

MORDEN, MB –To commemorate the 100th anniversary of WW1, the City of Morden is wrapping up the memorial projects, with murals designed from war-time photos provided by the Morden Legion.

A committee representing Morden Collegiate, the Morden Legion, and the City have been working on a number of projects to improve the historical content in Confederation Park corresponding to the war’s centennial.

“I think the mural additions to Confederation Park is a great tribute to our Veterans and shows how the war affected Morden. It is important to continue to educate the youth, and others, on the sacrifices of war. The park shows a great deal of history that is important to Morden,” reflects Mayor Ken Wiebe.

“It was important to work with the Legion on these projects, they are able to provide the knowledge and proper protocol. The inclusion of the school was a natural fit, with local historian and high school teacher, Darryl Toews leading the partnership. Whenever you can include youth, the project has more energy and creativity,” explained Clare Agnew.

“We have been working on projects in Confederation Park for the last number of years,” said  Agnew, Community Services, and Events Manager. “I think we have created a park with more meaning and history in our community. Although it is a nice green space in our downtown, I feel it is also a destination park now. I encourage local residents to visit the park and enjoy all the changes that have been made.”

Events have included:

  1. Additional names were added to the Cenotaph – local historian Darryl Toews discovered names missing from the cenotaph when completing research. The names were added along with a Colour March and ceremony honoring the soldiers. There was stamped concrete installed as the pathway and lighting to the Cenotaph was added.
  2. WWI memorial plaques were installed providing history and local content a chronological series of posted plaques along the walkway; additional memorial benches were added.
  3. WWII memorial plaques were installed providing history and local content.
  4. Murals were installed displaying local images of wartime; shrub beds were refurbished.

“The City has done a great job adding mementos for the different world wars,” said Bob Frost from the Morden Legion. “When people walk through Confederation Park, they’ll see a tribute to our veterans. It helps the younger generation learn more about what veterans have done. They have added even more history to that whole park.”

The murals will be installed Tuesday, June 26.