ClaireGoertzen-PolicePhoto-20100927The Morden Police Board is seeking community input on the Morden Police Service and providing an opportunity to express any safety concerns that are currently felt in Morden. The Board will soon launch its first community survey in March. The short survey, will focus solely on Morden Police and community safety, and will help to form a baseline for future evaluations.

Board Chair, Rich Harries explains what the survey is looking to gauge: “It is important for us to engage with the citizens of Morden both to understand how the Morden Police Service is doing in their opinion, and so that we understand what community priorities and expectations are when it comes to overall safety and security in Morden.  We are optimistic that the information received will assist the Morden Police Board in developing our future operational and strategic objectives.”

The survey will open from March 1 to 31, 2017 and be available in online (check back here, at or in printed format. Paper printed copies can be picked up at the City of Morden Civic Centre, Police Station, PDO Building, Access Event Centre office.