Chad Sheldon- (002)

Morden Community Development Corporation, Business Development Specialist – Chad Sheldon

Morden Community Development Corporation (MCDC) is pleased to announce the hiring of Chad Sheldon as MCDC’s new Business Development Specialist.

“The economic development work that MCDC has been doing in the last few years is gaining momentum. In this new role as Business Development Specialist, Chad will be connecting investors with business opportunities and assisting new business start-ups as they become established in Morden.  MCDC is looking forward to having Chad Sheldon on the team and focusing on successful growth of Morden’s business community,” said Cheryl Digby, Vice President of MCDC.

Sheldon brings plenty of entrepreneurial and business development experience to the new role. He is the current Chair of the Morden & District Chamber of Commerce, a board member of  Minnewasta Golf & Country Club, and an owner of the local Floral Scents boutique in Morden’s downtown.  Sheldon previously worked in business development with RANA Respiratory Care for the past 19 years.

Sheldon started his role with MCDC on January 20, 2017 and has quickly settled into this fast-paced roll: “Every day is different and unpredictable. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that people don’t always realize, and leading business development to fruition from start to finish is a long process; it is also going to be the most satisfying. Being a part of the growth of the city, meeting people from other countries and cultures, and helping entrepreneurs to realize their dream of business ownership or living in our great country has all been greatly satisfying. I also appreciate the dedication and passion of my co-workers; they are very strong team.”

Sheldon’s office is located in the Planning & Development Office (PDO) Building, which is also home to the Morden Business Gateway, at 133 7th Street in Morden.