New Arena Scoreboards

Duncan Andrew from X Stream Carriers, Clare Agnew – Director of Community Services, George Enns from LED Lights Manitoba.

Morden Community Services is pleased to announce that they have partnered with local businesses to purchase two scoreboards for the two arenas at the Access Event Centre.

  1. The Huron Window Corporation Arena scoreboard was sponsored by 3 partners; X-Stream Carriers, LED Lights Manitoba and the 2014 Power Smart Manitoba Games.
  2. The Co-op Arena scoreboard was sponsored by Delmar Commodities.

These LED hockey scoreboards are the cornerstone for timing and scoring in the hockey arena. Manufactured in Canada and employing the latest digital led technology, these durable hockey scoreboards are designed to provide years of trouble free, dependable service and are backed by a five year manufacturer’s warranty!

“It’s great when the facility can make improvements like new scoreboards without the use of City funds. The businesses in the area have been so supportive when approached for sponsorship opportunities. This year Morden was able to replace both scoreboards with 100% sponsorship dollars. The new clocks are appreciated by players and spectators, and will be an added positive feature for hosting the 2014 Manitoba Games.”