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[July 31 PRESS RELEASE] Morden Participates in Canada 150 Mosaic Project
MORDEN, MB – In 2017, Canada turns 150 years old. It is a country that has welcomed the world through its borders.

There are a variety of events and projects taking place across the nation, and Morden is participating.

Tracy Oliver, Project Coordinator for the Canada 150 Mosaics explains, “To celebrate this birthday, the Mural Mosaic team is launching a bold undertaking. Over a two-year span, a trio of artists plan to create a mural including all provinces and territories, over 80,000 paintings and 150 individual murals that, when united, will form one gigantic mural mosaic. The mural, if ever connected, would be over 365 meters wide (4 football fields) x 2.5 meters high (8 feet).”

“The mural will represent a cultural mosaic, a time capsule, a visual portrayal of history, an art masterpiece from the soul of the nation. An art piece that fifty years from now, may inspire another generation, who will in turn be able to celebrate through the mural and maybe take it upon themselves to add to this memory,” adds Phil Alain, Canada 150 Mosaics artist.

“Morden is excited to be part of this national project. It’s a once in a life time opportunity for the community and an opportunity to show how Morden’s history has contributed to the nation,” Mayor Ken Wiebe.

The mural will be completed over a 3-day workshop at the beginning of November. The mosaic artists will be in Morden for 3 days to assist with painting the tiles and will create the mosaic on the third day. Residents of Morden will be given an opportunity to participate and paint a tile; the number of tiles available will be determined once the design of the mural is confirmed.

A group of volunteers are working with the artists and providing information on the community of Morden and what we would like included in our mural.

“Thank you to our project sponsors: Imperia Management Inc., Access Credit Union, Sawatzky’s Furniture and The City of Morden for providing the funding for the project. These businesses continue to support events and projects in Morden, which contributes to enhancing the community.” Clare Agnew, Director of Community Services.

As the facility with the highest traffic volume in Morden, the mural will be displayed at the Access Event Centre. Additional information will be provided on how to participate in the mural as details are confirmed.

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