On behalf of the city of Morden we are announcing that as of October 30, 2019, Morenet will be ceasing all operations. After examining the technical viability, costs, regulatory requirements, and associated risks we did not feel that as a long-term solution Morenet would be a fit for the City of Morden to operate as a public entity, particularly as the city continues to grow. The city of Morden will continue to explore opportunities to recuperate or redirect the initial investment to maximize the connectivity of city-owned buildings and facilities so we can continue to provide efficient public services.

Effective immediately, there will be no new Morenet connections and all existing connections will cease functioning as of October 30, 2019. The city of Morden has had extensive conversations with technical experts throughout this process to help determine what our options were and what would be best for our citizens. Morden City Council remains committed to ensuring that citizens have access to high-speed internet and will continue to seek out options to that end. We want to thank the people of Morden for their patience throughout this time and ask that if you have further questions please pick up an FAQ sheet at the Civic Centre or check here at mordenmb.com/morenet for up to date information.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Current Morenet Customers (PDF)
  • Current Morenet Business Customers (PDF)
  • General Citizen FAQ (PDF)


October 30th, 2019

The final day for Morenet is October 30, 2019. After that day Morenet will no longer be functional so you will need to connect to a different Internet Service Provider (ISP) in order to access the internet. There will be no new Morenet connections effective immediately.

Here are some options for alternative ISP’s locally:

Who should I contact if I have Questions?

If you have further questions you can contact the city in person at the Civic Centre, by phone at 822-4434, or by email at info@mordenmb.com