Please see the January 2nd Morenet Service update in PDF or plain text below.


We are pleased to provide the following update regarding the status of Morenet.

Coverage Progress
We are excited to announce that we will expand coverage around Grant Street in early January 2019. Morenet’s high-speed internet service will be available to customers in this area shortly, please watch the web site and Twitter where we will announce when we have updated the coverage map.

As you might have heard in the recent local news, we have had issues with the supply of the towers required for the service. Resolving this issue has taken some time, but we are pleased to say that in January will we resume plans to implement the towers. The Grant Street area is the first of our revised tower plan, so we are adapting to the challenges as we continue to move forward to providing affordable high-speed internet to our community.

Support & Frequently Asked Questions
We are adding more content to frequently asked questions, please check it out on Morenet’s Support page. Gamers should check out our FAQ about gaming. Every customer should know how to power cycle their Morenet radio, a quick reference is there; a power cycle is the most frequent solution to service issues. We are also making improvements to our customer support, please watch out for that.

Network Performance
Morenet’s Contractors have been working steadily adding new customers to the network. This is great news, we are grateful for the community’s support and trust as we continue building this innovative service. And, this is great news because with every new customer we have information to inform and refine our coverage plans.

We are still building which means that we have not reached our standard target for all customers yet. As we complete more of the network coverage, we will reach that target, so we thank you for your patience as we continue expanding the service.

The core network is performing above our original expectations. The available technology is ahead of what we expected, making our wireless backbone the fastest available on the market today. We now have several paths of redundancy at all points in our network so that even in the worst winter storms customers still have reliable internet access.

We have made several important advances in our backhaul to improve speed of access to important web-based services; for instance, we are one of the first Manitoba internet services with direct connection to Facebook, and we are close to reaching the same direct connections with Google and Netflix.

Thank You!
…for your support & patience as we continue to pioneer one of the first high-quality, affordable internet services in Canada.