Morden Parking Ban in Effect

parkingban1The City of Morden reminds motorists that the OVERNIGHT PARKING BAN takes effect upon the first snowfall of the season, and remains in effect until further notice (spring).

The City of Morden’s first priority after a snowfall is to clear the snow from the streets as quickly as possible. To facilitate snow clearance, overnight parking on all streets in the City of Morden between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 8:00 A.M. is prohibited.

Leaving your vehicle on the street will leave you subject to a fine of $20.00 and/or having your vehicle towed away. We also wish to remind citizens that the portion of your driveway within the boulevard area is not considered a “safe zone” for parking. Vehicles left in this area may impede with snow clearing as well as cause a safety issue for others by impairing visibility. A vehicle left within the boulevard section of the driveway may also be subject to a fine and/or being towed away.

For safety reasons, please do not push snow onto the streets after the snowplow has passed. Where this occurs, the City will charge the person responsible for cleanup costs.

We also ask residents to please make their overnight guests aware of the overnight parking ban, and provide appropriate parking for them.

Thank you for your cooperation, and safe driving.