Mental Health Week Begins

Mental Health Week is on, May 7-11! There is still time to attend the expo (1-7pm) and keynote (7pm) at the Access Event Centre today! There is a lot of good information that you can gather!

Statement from Mayor Brandon Burley: “This is Mental Health Week in Morden. For many people mental illness is not something to think about for one day, it is the obsession and torment of every waking minute.

Mental illness takes many forms and often people you’d never suspect, suffer. 1 in 5 of all Canadians will deal with a mental illness.People with mental illness feel alone, and isolated. It wreaks havoc in every area of their life. It’s inappropriate to speak publicly about it, because they will lose opportunities, people will treat them differently, folks won’t know what to do with their eyes, or what to talk about.

Human tendency is to solve the problem. We want to excise the condition, like a tumor. But advances in mental healthcare and treatments are painfully slow. Diagnosis of medications is hit-and-miss, and often lead to worsening symptoms that must be borne for weeks and months – before the right drug, or group of drugs is hit upon.

Like Job’s friends, even more people will try to prescribe a solution, or isolate the cause.

Obtaining primary care from mental professionals is difficult, and expensive. $100 or more per hour – which exacerbates the problem. Desperate to find a solution, many people with mental illness throw money – LOTS of money – away, to try to feel right again.Mental illness can leave those who suffer socially castrated, alone, desperate, guilty, broke, and broken – useless to society. If folks find out, what will they say? How will it impact my social standing? Will friends still trust me and respect me? I know these things because I have walked miles in these shoes. I have suffered from depression and generalized anxiety disorder – and it took years to bring it under control, with the help of a very good doctor, counselor, medication, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

So this week in Morden, do as I have just done, and lay it on the line for somebody who needs you. Don’t tell them, ask them, push them – just be there for them and maintain their confidence.If you suffer from mental illness I encourage you to get the help you deserve. It’s time to stop the silent suffering of millions of people across Canada. Give voice to your pain, or lend your voice on behalf of others.”

More details on Mental Health Week can be found here: www.mordenmb.com/mentalhealthweek.