Manchurian Ash Tree Program

City of Morden, Parks Department would like to inform residents of a Manchurian Ash Tree Program taking place this spring and early summer.  Due to the occurrence of fungal infection and insect damage the City has planned treatment and removal of Manchurian Ash.

It is suspected that Manchurian ash trees originally suffering from frost crack damage were further exposed to a fungal infection.  Stress caused by the fungus is furthered by allowing the stressed tree to become more attractive to insects.  In this case the insect feeding on leaf causes the leaf to curl along the edges and twist, under the twisted leaf the insect matures and leaves a white cottony residue.

To date the City of Morden has 360 Manchurian Ash trees.  At the beginning of June, trees assessed in good condition were treated with Safer’s Insecticidal Soap and will be treated again in early July.  Trees assessed last year and again this year in poor condition will be removed and replaced. Attached is a map of the removal locations. City staff have been working with provincial and federal specialists on the positive identification of both the fungus and the insect.

One of the best treatment methods is to ensure your tree remains healthy and this can be achieved by watering during dry conditions, avoiding any trunk or root damage, and avoiding any herbicides or salts in the soil near the tree.

Ash Removal Map 2017

For more information contact:

Shawn Dias – Parks Manager
Telephone: (204) 362-3999   Email: