Enjoy the BSI Skate Plaza

Sports and recreation are an integral part of the community. In the frosty chill of winter or the sizzling heat of summer, opportunities to stay fit and have fun are endless! Our golf course, beautiful parks and lake appeal to the visiting tourist as well as the lifelong resident.

Hockey at the Access Event Centre

Morden is the ideal place for relaxation, recreation, or retirement. The following are just a few of the things that Morden has to offer. If you want to know more then click on the links provided.  Please note that some of the links may take you out of the Morden website.



Minnewasta Golf & Country Club – is a world-class, 18 hole facility that takes advantage of the scenic Pembina Escarpment to provide some of the most challenging golf topography in the province to please both competitive and recreational golfers. It is one of the host courses for the International Golf Tournament held the last weekend of July

Fossil Dig Adventure Tours

Digging for fossils with the CFDC

CFDC Adventure Tours – Have an unforgettable adventure with the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre (CFDC). Experience the outdoors on the Manitoba Escarpment while excavating 80 million year old fossils. If you like adventure and hands on experience, then consider the Paleo Adventure Tour. This special excursion will take you up to the 109 acres of land owned by the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre. Ages 18 and up. Limited space, so register fast! www.discoverfossils.com

Geo Caching In Morden

Local resident enthusiasts have placed over 50 caches in this area which have brought many people to Morden. The sport of Geo Caching is growing in popularity and is now being done in over 300 countries with over 5 million people enjoying the sport.  It is not an expensive hobby as membership is free and the organization keeps track of all your cache finds and your cache hides. Your purchase is a GPS which will cost between $150 to $300. For more information on this sport visit the website at www.geocaching.com and happy hunting.

Hy-Wire Zipline Adventures

Hy-Wire Zipline Adventure

Hy-Wire Zipline adventures is a breath-taking outdoor thrill ride. It will have you enjoying the view of the Pembina Valley at Rinnes Point from one of 5 cables, carrying you across ravines from platforms that can be 150 feet above ground. This is a 2 hour group adventure with 2 guides. Cables range from 500 feet to 1400 feet and are set up like a golf course, so you end up back where you started. Why not take the plunge, run, jump and dive off a platform with a 150 foot drop zipping across the trees. Please note that this is and can be a strenuous activity, as you will be walking up a number of hills. Open toed shoes and sandals are not recommended. For more information Contact Hy-Wire Zipline Adventures, P.O. Box 30, R.R. 2, Manitou, Manitoba, R0G 1G0 Ph: 204-242-3396, Cell: 204-995-4089, Email: hywireziplineadventures@hotmail.com or visit the website at www.hywirezipline.ca

Shadow Valley Raceway

Come out and watch or bring your bike and ride. To find the raceway, travel from Rock’s Bar & Grill in Morden on the corner of Thornhill Street & Mountain Street and go approximately 9.6 km south on Highway 432. The road turns to gravel, then follow the curve west for 0.8 km and turn right into the track entrance. (Large overhead sign) GPS Location: 49° 07’ 06.35” N  98° 08’ 38.69” W. Riding times are Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 5:00 pm to sunset. Riding Fees are – Adult $10.00 per day and $100.00 per season. Under 16 fees are $5.00 per day and $50.00 per season. For more information call Jeremy Hoeppner at 204-362-2201 or Email

Stardust Drive In Theatre

“Come and watch the movies on the BIG Screen Under the Stars!” The Stardust Drive In Theatre operates every weekend from the May long weekend through to the September long weekend. May to June – Fridays and Saturdays only. July to September – Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Triple Feature Nights:  On the Sunday of each long weekend there are 3 movies shown in one night. Website: http://stardustmorden.tripod.com Call the 24 hour information line at 204-822-5638 or  try 204-822-4018

Fly High Sight Seeing Tour

This is your ticket to rise above it all and touch the sky. Everyone gets a window seat. The tour will take you over the Pembina Valley Provincial Park with it’s spectacular forests and lush vegetation and then over the Windmill Farm at St Leon where you will see 60 churning turbines. Visit the website at www.mountaincityaviation.com or call 1-877-822-6921.