The new 511 traveller information service provides drivers with the most up-to date information on driving conditions, helps families ensure they get to their end destinations safely and gives truckers the ability to plan their routes more efficiently.  People can access 511 from anywhere in the province to get current road information.

Similar to 911 for emergencies and 311 for municipal information, 511 is a number dedicated to traveller information.  The new 511 system is an enhanced version of the former highway information system.  Manitobans can now dial 511 to get one-stop access to traveller information including:

  • current provincial road conditions,
  • notifications on road or bridge closures,
  • updates on winter roads,
  • current weather information,
  • information on how to contact Travel Manitoba, and
  • contact information for trucking permits.

A new interactive Internet map featuring links to five areas of the province (southeast, southwest, central east, central west and north) will allow visitors to guide their mouse over a desired location to see current road conditions for that area.  The new map also features current road information for neighbouring provinces and states including Ontario, Saskatchewan, North Dakota and Minnesota.