Guiding Spirits Display

This special twelve panel exhibit was researched and written by Diana Wiebe for the Chautauqua Spirit Project – Morden’s 2008 Cultural Capital of Canada Award.

It honours individuals who helped to make the City of Morden a unique community.  It depicts those “Guiding Spirits” – Morden people who have distinguished themselves either in local service or in a larger sphere.  It highlights their achievements, ethnic heritage, and contribution to the community.

There are twelve panels covering the following subjects that were designed and manufactured by IS Image Promotions in Morden. Click on the panels below to see a larger view so that you can read the comments next to each of the Guiding Spirits.  Six of these panels are on display in the Chamber of Commerce Boardroom.





The City of Morden would like to make this exhibit readily available to interested individuals and organizations by allowing it to be loaned out for display at functions. You have the choice of loaning the entire exhibit of 12 panels or you can choose just one or two. If you or your organization would like to loan the exhibit please contact:

City of Morden

100 – 195 Stephen Street, Morden, MB, R6M 1V3
Tel: 204-822-4434
Fax: 204-822-6494
Email: info@mordenmb.com

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