Communication Services

Telephone & Internet Services

Basic telephone service in Manitoba is supplied by Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS). You can buy a phone from a store or you can rent a phone from MTS. They also offer Answering Machine Services such as Call Answer, Call Waiting, Call Display, Dial Up and High Speed Internet Access.

MTS Connect Centre – 180B – 5th Street, Morden, R6M 1C9 Ph: 204-822-4765

Cellular Phone Service

MTS at 1-888-597-2600 or visit
Rogers at 1-800-616-6286 or visit

Internet Services

Wireless & Cable Internet – MTS at 1-888-597-2600 or visit
Wireless Internet – Rogers at 1-800-616-6286 or visit
Wireless Internet – Xplornet at 1-866-841-6001 or visit

TV Services

Cable TV – Contact:

MTS at 1-888-597-2600 or visit

Satellite TV – Contact:

Shaw Direct at 1-866-782-7932 or visit
Bell Canada at 1-888-759-3474 or visit

Weekly Newspapers

Morden Times – 204-822-4421 or visit
Winkler Morden Voice – 204-332-3456 or visit

Fee Based Papers

Winnipeg Free Press –
Winnipeg Sun –

Radio Stations

C.K.M.W. – AM – Dial 1570 (Country)
C.F.A.M. – AM – Dial 950.
K.A.U.F. – FM – Dial 105.1 (Maverick 105)
K.A.U.F. – FM – Dial 106.9 (CanAm)
The Eagle – FM – Dial 93.5
Others: Winnipeg & Portage la Prairie