Fostering Open Lines of Communication

One way to enhance municipal governance is to keep the lines of communication open between Council and local organizations that receive funding from the City.  This communication fosters the ability and willingness to share information about any challenges the municipality or the organizations might be facing or might arise.

“Council wants to create an atmosphere where the people in these organizations feel they can share what they know, all in the pursuit of a better partnership, which in the end will benefit the community,” said Mayor Ken Wiebe.

The photo was taken on February 5th, 2013 when Council met with the Morden & District Chamber of Commerce.  Present from left to right are: Mayor Ken Wiebe, Councillors Brian Minaker,and Maurice Butler, Chamber President James Steedsman, Chamber Board Member Lynette Froese, Chamber Executive Director Candice Olafson, Chamber Student Worker Neta Knelssen, Chamber Past President Ross Ariss, Chamber Board Member Kent Winning, Councillors Irvin Wiebe, Heather Francis and Doug Frost.

Meetings are also held with the boards of the Corn & Apple Festival and the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre.