Flood Update – 7:10 AM – June 1st

floodWater continues to flow in to Lake Minnewasta, resulting in the continued flow in Deadhorse Creek through Morden. Though levels have gone down, the Creek is still overflowing its banks on Alvey and Parkhill Streets. As flows lessen during the day today the Creek is expected to lower and flow will eventually be contained within the banks.

City crews will be out today doing cleanup. Repairs will likely not begin until next week during regular working hours.

A reminder that 9th Street South is CLOSED just south of South Railway Street due to the washout of a culvert and subsequent collapse of the street. Traffic to 9th Street South will have to gain access from either Grant or Jefferson Streets at this time.

Residents are cautioned to keep away from the banks along Deadhorse Creek. The ground is completely saturated which may result in collapse without any warning.

Any property owner who sustained damage should document the damage with photographs and descriptions and keep track of costs for any repairs or clean up. This information will be required should the Province approve a relief program.