L-R Maryna, Maksim, Oleksandr

L-R Maryna, Maksim, Oleksandr

The City of Morden is excited to welcome the Chaykovskyy family arriving from Odessa, Ukraine.  The Chaykovskyy family is the first to arrive through Morden’s Community Driven Immigration Initiative

After ten months, the family arrived in Morden on March 2nd, 2013.

Mr. Chaykovskyy came to Morden for an exploratory visit in August 2012 (during Corn & Apple Festival).  Nexus Energy Products Inc. interviewed Oleksandr and offered him a job. The family’s arrival was expedited because of the job offer to Oleksandr.  Usually the process takes 12 – 18 months from the time of application until a family can expect to have all the paper work in place to arrive as landed immigrants.  Oleksandr’s education and work experience in refrigeration, combined with his ability to speak English at an intermediate level was a skill set that Nexus was looking for.  While looking for a place to live the family stayed in Morden’s transition house.  They have rented a new 2-bedroom apartment at Appleton Apartments and are looking forward to moving in this week.

“The goal of our family to live and work in Canada has come. Since March 2nd we have plunged into community life of the City of Morden. We are very grateful to all who have helped us to start our new life here, especially the representatives of the City of Morden Cheryl Digby and Shelly Voth, my employer at Nexus Energy Products Inc. – Marvin Dueck and local residents Bert and Sally Chubey. We enjoy the welcoming citizens, the clean air, the clean drinking water from the taps and the beautiful winter snows and sunshine. So, we feel that Morden is the best place to live, work and raise a family.” said Oleksandr Chaykovsky.

Marvin Dueck, Sales Engineer of Nexus Energy Products Inc. said “Hiring a new employee is always exciting but hiring someone from outside our area can be even more satisfying as you watch them adapt, learn our culture and integrate into our community. We hope Oleksandr and his family will enjoy their new life here in Morden as your neighbors. ”

“The Morden Immigration Initiative is a great way for employers to recruit and attract skilled labour, without the need to go through a more complex process.  Interested employers should contact Shelly or me at the Morden Community Development Office,” said Cheryl Digby, Morden’s Community Development Officer.

Approximately 40 more families will be arriving through the Immigration Initiative this year, and there is a need for rental housing.  If any residents or rental property owners have rental housing units or basement suites available, please contact Shelly Voth, our Immigration Co-ordinator to advise her. You can email her at info@mordenimmigration.com.