Dog Licencing Changes

On October 9th, 2012 Council passed Policy G/A-029 Dog Licencing Policy, which changed the process and the fees for dog licencing in the City of Morden.  This new policy simplifies the entire dog licencing process.

How did the process Change?

Now the owner of a dog in the City of Morden purchases a dog licence once with no yearly renewal fees.  You are issued a dog licence tag with a number on the tag which becomes the dog’s licence number for the length of the dog’s life in Morden. If the owner moves or sells the licenced dog, the Morden Civic Centre Office should be notified so that they can update their files.

What is on the Dog Licence Tag?

The new dog licence tag has – City of Morden, 204-822-4434 and an identification number.

How much does a Dog Licence Cost?

  • Neutered or Spayed Dog                       $20.00 (One Time Fee.)
  • Not Neutered or Not Spayed Dog           $30.00 (One Time Fee)

Why have a Dog Licence?

If a resident finds your dog they can call the Civic Centre and we can connect the finder with the owner, saving the dog going to the pound.  If the dog owner cannot be contacted, the by-law officer will be called to collect the dog and take it to the pound.

How to purchaser a Dog Licence?

  1. Complete the online Dog Licence Application Form or pick one up from the Morden Civic Centre at 100 – 195 Stephen Street.
  2. Bring your completed form to the Morden Civic Centre (100 – 195 Stephen Street, Morden), or the Pembina Valley Humane Society (462 Jefferson Street, Morden).
  3. Bring proof of a current rabies vaccination from a licenced veterinarian.
  4. Bring proof of the dog being neutered or spayed from a licenced veterinarian.
  5. Pay the licence fee – at the Morden Civic Centre you can pay with cash, cheque or debit card, at the Pembina Valley Humane Society you can pay with cash or cheque only.
  6. A dog tag will be issued.  Secure the tag to the dog’s collar for identification purposes. The licence is valid for the duration of the dog’s life.  There will be a onetime charge when you purchase the dog licence.  If you move or sell the licenced dog, please advise the City of Morden Civic Centre so they can update their files.

When will this new process begin?

The new process will begin as soon as the new dog licence tags arrive, which is expected to be around November 15th, 2012.