Weather Reports

For current weather information, visit the Morden page at the Weather Office.


Seasonal Averages

January -16°1C
April 4.5 °C
July 20.5°C
October 6.9°C
Annual Rainfall 416.2 mm
Annual Snowfall 119.7 cm
Annual Frost Free Days 125 – 135 days
Annual Sunshine 2,200 hrs

All of our seasons are clearly defined.  Temperature and precipitation are measured in metric. (Degrees Celsius, Millimetres)

Spring (March 20th – June 20th)

Spring is always an exciting time in Canada, with the renewal of the vegetation, migratory birds flying back to nest, and the promise of warmer weather and longer days.

Summer (June 21st – September 21st)

Summer is usually warm and sunny, even hot at times.

Fall – Also called Autumn (September 22nd – December 20th)

Fall is cooler and more comfortable to many. The autumn leaves provide a truly natural spectacle. Snow can come as early as mid-October and usually begins to stay in early November.

Winter (December 21st – March 19th)

Winter in Manitoba means bright and sunny skies and crisp, fresh air.