Community Driven Immigration Initiative a Success

The City of Morden is pleased to report that the Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative is surpassing all expectations.
Morden’s initiative was designed to match the skill set of applicants with employer needs.   One of the requirements for applicants to the program is that they come to Morden on an exploratory visit.  To date, we have had ten exploratory visitors who, at the end of their visit have had interviews with a Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) officer.  The interview with MPNP determines if the visitor is invited to apply through the program.  Morden employers, schools, day cares, immigrant services and residents have all been very welcoming to these visitors, making their experience a warm, welcoming and positive one.  Employers, schools and day cares have offered tours of their premises and have spent time to answer the visitor’s questions. On average, Morden is receiving one exploratory visitor per week at this time.

Applicants are screened by the Morden Immigration Review Committee.  This committee consists of volunteer members from Employment Manitoba, Education, Health Care and an immigrant to Morden.  This committee is in touch with employer’s and community needs and works conscientiously to choose the right applicants.  Six of Morden’s applicants have been given job offers by employers they have met with, either in person during an exploratory visit or by Skype interview.

The Morden initiative has received 88 applicants since being approved in March of this year.  Of those 88 applicants, 37 have been invited to apply for immigration through MPNP.  Twenty nine of these were invited as a result of Provincial interviews held in Kiev in June and eight of the exploratory visitors have been invited.  Nine are waiting an exploratory visit; six are awaiting review and four are waiting to take their English language tests, and have therefore not been reviewed at this time.  The remainder of the applicants have been denied because; they do not meet MPNP requirements, the Morden Review Committee felt that their skill set did not match employer needs, or the family would have difficulty integrating into the community.

Here are a few facts about the families that have chosen Morden to be their new home.

  • 37 approved families represent 102 people.
  • The average age of the principal applicant is 32.6.
  • Average family size is 2.8.
  • 19 families from Ukraine
  • 10 families from Russia
  • 6 families from Kazakhstan
  • 1 family from Portugal
  • 1 family from Hong Kong
  • These families are expected to be arriving from June to November 2013
  • Most of these families first heard about Morden through the internet
  • All of the families have read about quality of life and opportunities in Morden through the Morden City website.

“Even though the Morden Initiative is new this year, I believe that it has been very successful to this point.  The exploratory visits are beneficial to both employers and applicants, and will greatly assist families with integration when they move to Morden,” said Cheryl Digby – Community Development Officer.