Recently there has been some confusion regarding the mayor’s budget and concerns that he is already over budget for the year. In seeking to provide clarity Patrick Dueck, Deputy City Manager – Corporate, explained that “Council recognized that the mayor was facing a busy year, and putting in considerable time following leads that could benefit our community. For this reason, Council approved increased spending in order for the mayor to attend these events.”

The confusion comes from speculation that expenses have already exceeded the budget approved by council for this purpose. Morden City Council approved $20,000 as the mayor’s increased budget looking to use these funds for promotion of the city as well as to help drive economic growth and development in Morden. However, due to the timing of this approval it did not end up as a dedicated line item in the approved city budget. Instead, “this increased spending will be reallocated from other under-utilized sources within the budget, as budget numbers were already finalized. This causes the affected accounts to appear over budget, but with the knowledge that other offsetting accounts will also be under-utilized compared to budget. While each line item has a budgeted amount, these are only our best estimates, and we always consider the budget as a whole.”

Making clear that currently we are within budget as a city and that we are seeking to end the year with a balanced budget, Mayor Brandon Burley said that “I hope any confusion surrounding this will only serve to highlight that this council and the City of Morden staff are always seeking to be good stewards of the funds we have available and want to provide the best service possible to the citizens of our great City. Events like the Corn and Apple festival this past weekend highlight what this city is capable of and we will continue to search for more opportunities that help Morden grow.”