City Wide Garage Sale

garagesaleThe Morden City Wide Garage Sale will take place on May 31st & June 1st from 9 am to 4 pm.  It is organized by Shelly Fitz, a resident who volunteers to do this each year.

Shelly Filz produces an “address guide” and map that will include your address with a brief description of what you’re selling. Copies of this will be available at the Garage Sale Board located at the corner of Thornhill Street and 11th behind the Tourist Information Booth and at 81 River Road in a basket on the veranda. The guides will be available the evening of May 30th.

She also produces ‘posters’ that will be put up around the City in various locations advertising the event and where to pick up the address guide. If you would like to help put these up in and out of the City contact Shelly – it would be most appreciated.

Registration: To participate and have your address and items for sale listed in the guide please download and complete the 2013 – Garage Sale Application Form , mail it to Shelly Fitz with your $3.00 registration fee or drop it in her home mailbox at 505 – 12th Street, Morden.

Contact: Shelly Fitz, 505 – 12th Street, Morden
Phone: 204-823-1850 after 4:30 pm.

Supply your information via email to Shelly and then it’s time to go clean your closets and garage! Deadline for entries is May 25th.

Join the Annual City Wide Garage Sale
Deliver or collect registration forms at 505 – 12th Street, Morden, MB. R6M 2A7
(A basket of forms will be on the veranda)