Water & Sewer Billing

Utility Bills

Water & Sewer Utility Bills are prepared and mailed quarterly in March, June, September and December. There are two due dates on the utility bill.

  • The ‘Agency Date’, which is the last date to use the Internet or Telephone Banking System.
  • The ‘Due Date’ is the last date to have payment into the Morden Civic Centre Office by 4:30 p.m.

Any utility bill payments not received in the  office by the due date will have a penalty calculated on the overdue amount of 1.25% and every month thereafter. Annually on February 1st all outstanding water and sewer accounts will be transferred to your property tax account.

Utility bills for June, September and December are based on water meter readings. March bills are estimated based on past quarterly consumptions at this point.

Current Water & Sewer Rates

For current Water & Sewer Rates click on the link  17BL07 – Water & Sewer 

Manual Meter Readings

Door to door meter readings will be taken three times a year in May, August and in November. When the meter reader is unable to gain access to read the meter, the utility bill is estimated. If you are always out when the meter person calls, then we encourage you to supply your meter readings to the office, to avoid an estimated billing. The readings need to be phoned/faxed/emailed into the office by the 20th of the prior month. (e.g. for June, the deadline would be May 20th.) Water meter readings can be provided to the Morden Civic Centre by;

  • Phone: 204-822-4434
  • Fax: 204-822-6494
  • Email: info@mordenmb.com
  • Online E-Form OR
  • By dropping it off at the front door mailbox. (Please record your name, street address and phone number along with the water meter reading.)

If you have questions about your utility bill, or how to read your water meter to get a reading, please come to the Morden Civic Centre, and the staff will help you.

Radio Read Meters

The City is in the process of slowly replacing the old water meters with new “Radio Read Meters”. Each year a budget of $50,000 is spent on purchasing new meters.  We would like to ask those residents who have radio read meters to please keep them clear of obstructions so that the meter readings can be taken. The person reading the meter needs access, as they need to be able to touch the remote with the reading device. If obstructions are in front of the remote meter then the meter person cannot get close enough to take a reading.


The City of Morden offers Pre-authorized Payments for Utility Bills and Property Taxes.  Just complete the Automated Transfer Form , print it off and bring it into the Morden Civic Centre – OR just drop by the office and the staff will assist you in completing the form.

Water & sewer bills Four times per year December, March, June, September
Property taxes One time per year August