The City of Morden owns and operates the Morden Water Treatment Plant.  Each year the Morden Public Works Department is required to complete an Annual Public Water System Report. The following is a list of Morden’s Annual Public Water System Reports which are downloadable printable pdf files.

Printable Copies of the Annual Public Water System Reports:

Morden Water Treatment Plant

Water Fluoridation Information

Fluoride is added to City water as part of the Provincial Fluoridation Program at regulated levels to help prevent tooth decay.  This process is monitored by Manitoba Health and Health Living. Here is more information about this subject.
1. Are we required by the Province to add fluoride or is it only recommended by the Province?
Participation is voluntary, but it is generally mutually agreed upon between municipal, provincial and federal governments.
2. What is the Province’s position on fluoride being added to water?
The community water fluoridation program is funded by Manitoba Health as part of the Public Oral Health Initiative.

The Public Health Oral Health Initiative has a mandate to:

  • Improve, maintain and protect the oral health of Manitobans;
  • Provide advice and input on current and emerging oral health issues to the Minister of Health;
  • Develop an evolving role to best serve the public, stakeholders and oral health care providers.
  • Develop a Provincial Oral Health strategy.

3. Are there other communities in Manitoba that don’t add fluoride?
There are 63 communities in Manitoba fluoridating their water systems representing 95% of the population on a public water supply. (Approximately 770,000 Manitobans.)
4. How much natural fluoride is in the water compared to what we add? (What percent of the total fluoride is added by us?)
The natural fluoride found in our City water supply is generally around .25mg/litre.   Health Canada recommends fluoride levels of 0.7 to 1.5mg/litre.  The City of Morden currently follows the recommendations set by higher levels of government and add to the existing level found naturally in the water to maintain an ideal level of 0.7mg/liter.   This is within the guidelines  set out and considered the optimal level for fluoride in  drinking water to prevent cavities.  Please note that the natural occurring fluoride in the water is removed by the softening process, resulting in us adding the full 0.7 mg/litre of fluoride.

5. Government of Canada Statement of Support ?
Health Canada endorses the fluoridation of drinking water to prevent tooth decay, but does not participate in the decision to fluoridate a water supply. Provincial and territorial governments are generally responsible for the safety of drinking water. In collaboration with their municipalities, they decide whether or not to fluoridate and the amount of fluoride to be added.