Sump Pit & Backup Valve Funding

The City of Morden along with the provincial government is offering a program to encourage homeowners to upgrade their homes to the current standards.

The standard building code dictates that all homes built after 1994 must have a sump pump and a proper sewer backup valve. This valve must be an inline valve as opposed to the old rubber stopper type, as these are not sufficient to protect your home.

The program will pay up to 60% to a maximum of $1,000.00 toward the purchase and installation of an approved sewer backup valve and up to a maximum of $2,000.00 toward the installation of a sump pump and pit drainage system. If you have a combination of both installed the maximum amount covered would be $3,000.00. It is our estimate that these amounts will cover the majority of installation and material costs. Costs above the 60% are the homeowners responsibility.

Conditions for funding are:

  • Only homes built prior to 1994 are eligible.
  • Proper permits must be taken through the MSTW planning office. There is no cost to the homeowner for a permit.
  • The job site must be inspected after completion by the local plumbing inspector.
  • The work must be done by a licensed plumber. The City will pay the contractor directly for permit, labor and material costs. A copy of the plumbing inspection must be provided to the City Representative in order for the project costs to be covered by the City.
  • The program will be limited to a maximum number of applications per year.
  • It is the homeowners responsibility to protect their home against sewer backup and the City of  Morden is not responsible.

This program will be offered on a first come basis. When the funding has been expended, the program will be terminated.

How to apply:

  • Visit the Morden Civic Centre to complete an application form.
  • Your application will be given to the Director of Public Works who will verify that all conditions have been met.
  • You will be contacted about your application.
  • If approved you will contact a licensed plumber.
  • Your plumber will get a permit from MSTW, do the work and will then have the inspection done by the plumbing inspector.
  • Your plumber will invoice the City of Morden for 60% of the costs to a maximum of $1,000.00 for sewer backup valves and $2,000.00 for the sump pit installation. If the costs are above these amounts the overage will be invoiced by the plumber to the resident.

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