As well as the parks in Morden there are four excellent parks nearby.

Stanley Centennial Park

Stanley Centennial Park is a lovely recreational park located 6 1/2 km south and 5 km west of Morden on PR 432. The citizens of the Rural Municipality of Stanley built it as a centennial project. The 24-hectare park is filled with natural wooded areas of oak, elm, poplar, ash, and birch. Ball diamonds, playground equipment, picnic shelters, barbeque pits, and a hilly terrain make it a beautiful area to picnic or camp. For more information call Larry Kube at 204-822-3777.

Pembina Valley Provincial Park

Pembina Valley Provincial Park located just off PR 201, south of Morden, the park is 440 acres in size. Its purpose is to preserve areas that are representative of the Pembina/Tiger Hills Natural Region of Manitoba and accommodate nature-oriented recreational opportunities. The creation of Pembina Valley Provincial Park in 2001 helped Manitoba expand its network of protected areas. The park’s hiking trails offer picturesque vantage points of the Pembina Valley and surrounding countryside. They provide various levels of intensity, from challenging hikes to relaxing strolls. Picnic tables provide a place to rest and refuel for the next leg of your journey.

A Rocha – Pembina Valley Interpretive Centre

Come to hike the trails in the beautiful Pembina Valley, learn more about A Rocha’s work and enjoy the splendor of creation. Located adjacent to the site is over 2,500 acres of oak woodland, now protected as a Manitoba provincial park and wildlife management area. A Rocha aims to model sustainable living in all of its operations. By living lightly we minimize our impact on the natural world and embody love for our neighbours through informed lifestyle choices.

Getting there: From Morden, follow Hwy #3 west. Turn south on Hwy #31, then continue to Hwy. 201. Next turn east on Hwy 201 and follow signs to Pembina Valley Provincial Park. Turn into the road for the Provincial Park and that road will then split – the road on the left is A Rocha. Contact: 1-204-246-2059 Email: manitoba@arocha.org Website: www.arocha.org

Bethel Heritage Park

Winkler calls it their own version of “Central Park”, and features an impressive fountain, beautifully landscaped grounds, historic storyboards and walking paths. The park also has numerous free family events and concerts throughout the summer. Website: www.cityofwinkler.ca