Find everything you need to know about Morden’s Parks and Urban Forestry by following the links in the table below. Find more information about what Morden is doing to prevent Dutch Elm Disease here.


Private Tree Inventory

The City of Morden encourages you to help identify and inventory trees on your property using a free app.

Trees within 15 feet of the street have already been inventoried, so there’s no need for you to do so again.

Tree Protection Plan

Under the direction of the City’s Urban Forest Management Plan, the protection of public trees during operational and construction activity is now addressed through a Tree Protection Plan.  Any public tree within 6m of the property line requires a Tree Resource Assessment to determine if a Tree Protection Plan is required.  The goal of the plan is to address the impacts that construction/operational actions have when carried out adjacent to public trees, minimize the impacts from these actions, and retain healthy low risk trees.  Trees are an asset within our green infrastructure and provide the community with multiple benefits, the Tree Protection Plan is one way to protect our asset and maintain these benefits.

For a view of the full plan please follow this link Tree Protection Plan and an example Map hereExample Map.

Shawn Dias
Parks and Urban Forestry
City of Morden