2018 Waste Collection Schedule

2019 Waste Collection Schedule

New Waste Collection By-Law

Click the link below to read the new waste collection by-law:

Waste By-law 25-2017

Curbside Assistance

Seniors or persons with mobility challenges: register for the Curbside Assistance program directly with Municipal Waste Management: 204-483-3986.

Place your cart at the end of your driveway with 3ft(90cm) of space from any parked cars, obstacles, or boulevard trees.

Place your cart at the end of your driveway with 3ft(90cm) of space from any parked cars, obstacles, or boulevard trees.


  • Place the appropriate cart at Curb Side before 7:00 a.m. on your collection day.
  • Christmas Trees are to be deposited at the compost site located on Wilcocks Road or placed at your curb side by the stated date for pickup during the Christmas Tree Recycling Week.
  • You are responsible to have larger items them taken to the SWAMP landfill site or contact Pembina Valley Containers or MWM Environmental to arrange for disposal at your cost.


The compost site located on Willcocks Road is not associated with the curbside compost system. This site is accessible to Morden residents for free to collect wood chips and compost, or dispose of:

  • Yard refuse (leaves, grass, garden plants, branches, etc.)
  • Christmas trees

Never put rocks, concrete, or hazardous materials in the compost yard, or the green compost cart.


  • Drop-off household batteries — Access Event Centre (111 Gilmour Street) or Morden Fire Hall (194 Thornhill Street)  Phone for office hours: 204-822-3888



Your Blue Recycling Cart may contain the following items – sorting is not required. Empty all containers

Materials Accepted What to Recycle How To Prepare Do Not Include
Newsprint All newspapers & inserts Clean and dry material only. (Soiled paper in the green compost cart) Please put your newspapers and flyers into clear or blue see through plastic bags. Do not use grocery store plastic bag. (Return bags to the grocery store’s collect bin for recycling)
Paper Products All paper products, cardboard, pizza boxes, boxboard (cereal and shoe boxes), office paper, books wrapping paper, envelopes, junk mail, magazines, catalogues, brown and white paper bags, paper plates Flatten boxes to conserve space. Book covers should be removed from hard cover books.

Shredded paper should be in clear bags.

*Soiled paper should be put in the green compost cart*

No styrofoam.
Plastic #1-#7 All types of clean household plastic containers, plastic milk jugs and their plastic bottle caps. Empty jugs. Crush to save space. No motor oil or chemical containers.
Glass Clean clear bottles and glass jars. Rinse clean, remove lids, avoid breaking glass. Broken Glass.
No light bulbs, window glass, mirrors, or auto glass.
Tin/Metal Metal food cans, aluminium pie plates and trays. Rinse cans clean and pinch the open end closed. No aerosol cans, No paint cans, No other metal items.
Gable-Top Cartons All gable-top cartons. Rinse clean. Crush to save space. Plastic milk jugs go into the recycle carts. Crush to save space.


  1. Flatten to save space.
  2. No strings or elastics.
  3. Putting your shredded paper in a full size see-through, tied, plastic garbage bag is best.
  4. ECO Centre Depot drop off only for household hazardous waste (i.e. used oil and antifreeze) is also located at 160 Grant Street – Hours of Operation 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

(Recycling Tip 2 from Multi-Material Stewardship MB on Vimeo.)

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