Morden’s First Roundabout

RoundaboutSymbolAfter carefully considering the future traffic at the intersection of PTH 3 and LaVeredrye Blvd, the City’s Planning & Engineering Department proposed a roundabout as the safest solution to control the movement of vehicles through this intersection. Manitoba Infrastructure & Transportation (MIT) agreed with the concept, and while they don’t yet have a roundabout constructed on a provincial highway, identified this intersection as an excellent “Gateway” opportunity and their first roundabout in their jurisdiction; as a gateway to Morden, it will persist as a landmark, welcoming visitors, ensuring the safe travel of our residents and visitors to and from our community. We await the final decision from MIT.

Roundabouts, while new to the Province of Manitoba, are growing in popularity in cities across Manitoba, with some very prominent ones on high volume, high speed routes in Winnipeg. Across North America, they are fast becoming the preferred intersection treatment; in fact, many jurisdictions require roundabouts as opposed to their more traditional counterparts, traffic signals.

Compared with four-way stops, for instance, a four leg roundabout has approximately 4 times fewer potential conflict points for turning vehicles, and dramatically reduced crash frequency and severity. In fact, in cases where a roundabout replaced a signalized intersection, the number of crashes and the severity of crashes decreased. This happens because, in a roundabout:

  1. The speed of travel through a roundabout reduces to about 30 to 40 km/hr from whatever the speed is when approaching the roundabout. At such low speeds, the consequences of a crash are much less than traveling through an intersection at 50 to 70 km/hr (or greater, as you would on the drive to Winkler);
  2. The types of crashes are side swipes and rear-enders, for which the consequences of a crash are considerably lower compared with head-on and T-bone collisions, as occur more frequently in signalized intersections;
    Morden’s roundabout, the first on a Provincial highway in Manitoba, will define our City as a leader in transportation safety in Manitoba, paving the way for similar improvements for other communities and intersection on heavily traveled highways in our province.

You can see the conceptual plan overlain on the existing highway configuration by clicking the link.  ORE – PTH 3 at ROAD 27 W – MORDEN – CR2

For more information about roundabouts in general click on this link –  Roundabout Information Webpage.