There are many opportunities in Morden for walking, hiking or cycling.  You can enjoy all these activities on the City streets or in the parks.  Here are a few ideas for you to consider:

Lake Minnewasta Recreational Trail

Whether you are seeking a leisurely stroll or a challenging mountain bike ride, the Lake Minnewasta Trail can offer you the adventure you are looking for. Following the contours of the lake, the single track trail lets you experience the naturally scenic beauty of the region, with many varieties of wild plants, and nearly a dozen bridges. The trail begins off the Colert Beach road.

Trail Map

Morden Pump Track

The pump track includes elements for off-road cyclists of all ages and skill levels, making it a fun way for families to enjoy cycling in a traffic-free environment, and enhance their cycling skills and fitness.

The Morden pump track was designed to allow a cyclist to maintain speed around the track by using upper and lower body strength and movement, instead of pedaling. This provides a thrilling ride over the hills and curves, and also a great full-body workout.

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Parkland Pathways Heritage Walks

Parkland Pathways CoverParkland Pathways Heritage Walks

The Parkland Pathways Heritage Walks highlight the community’s rich history as a thriving pioneer community and commercial centre for a flourishing agricultural district.

Why Parkland Pathways? Morden is remarkable for its wealth of mature trees and shrubs planted throughout the community. This is a legacy of the influence of the Morden Experimental Farm, established here by the Dominion Government in 1916 and the vision of early residents who began one of Manitoba’s first horticultural societies in 1916.

Copies of the brochure are available at the Pembina Hills Art Gallery & Gift Shop, the Library and the Morden Civic Center. You can also click on the links provided and choose which walk or walks you might want to take when you visit Morden.

  1. A Rose By Any Other Name – a walk through Morden’s Research Station.
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  2. Art & Architecture – a walk through Morden’s business district.
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  3. Along the Creek and Through the Woods – a walk through Morden’s Parks.
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  4. On The Shore of Glacial Lake Agassiz – a walk by the Lake and Golf Course.
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  5. Morden’s Mansions – a walk by Morden’s heritage homes. (As you walk, please respect the privacy and integrity of these properties.)
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Story of the Stone – Self Guided Walking Tour

Story of the Stones Tour

This tour was part of the 2008 Cultural Capital of Canada – Chautauqua Spirit Project. It was a guided walking tour with a special added twist. Local actors in period costume provided a five-minute introduction to each building, noting the history and architectural significance. The tour began at the Pembina Hills Arts Centre and continued on to three other heritage properties.

You can now go on your own self-guided walk and listen to the audio recording of the original tour. Visit the Morden Library for a copy of the CD and take the tour using a CD player.

Pembina Valley Provincial Park & Campground

Walking the Pembina Hills

Those who believe that the prairies are flat and monotonous haven’t seen the Pembina Hills, which begin on the western outskirts of Morden, rise gently, level off and rise again, forming a wide plateau of rich farmland between.  A few kilometres out of Morden they reach a height of 180 meters then suddenly dip sharply forming the scenic Pembina Valley which teems with wildlife and is overgrown with poplar, oak, birch & hundreds of other species of shrubs, flowers and trees.

Park Directions

Located on PR 201 which is accessible from PTH 31, south of Darlingford, from PR 432 south of Morden and from PTH 32, south of Winkler.