The BSI Skate Plaza is a facility where both residents and visitors enjoy skateboarding and BMX biking. It is located on the corner of 1st Street & Wardrop Street.

This is not just a skateboard park; it is an accessible, safe, outdoor centre for all. It is a place where skaters of all ages, abilities and backgrounds can participate on their own terms. A place where they can learn to compete against themselves and focus on building personal skills.

This is an unsupervised space with basic rules of use which are posted on site. These rules are there to ensure safety and make everyone’s visit more enjoyable. We recommend that helmets are worn at all times. Please show respect for other users and the park.

The BSI Skate Plaza is open to the public as weather permits. There are no structured hours. The park is maintained by the Morden Community Services Department. For more information contact: 204-822-5431.