Community Services Department Rates & Fees

Arena – Ice

Prime Time Ice Rentals
September – March
Daily: 3:30pm – 10:00pm
Saturday All Day
Sunday: 12:00 – 10:00pm

Commercialper hour$190.00
Youth (Local)per hour$88.50
Youth (Non Local)per hour$107.00
Adult (Local)per hour$135.00
Adult (Non Local)per hour$160.00
Birthday Party Rentals (12 & under)
Morden Residents Only
per hour$75.00

Teams (Adult/Youth)

Redkinsper hour$127.00
Redskins Gameper hour$143.00
PV Hawks Game (Youth Non Local)per hour$107.00
PV Hawks Game (Youth Non Local)per hour$125.00

Late Night Rental (Sep-Mar)
Saturday – Thursday: 10pm or later
Friday: 8:30pm or later

Localper hour$88.50
Non Localper hour$115.00

Day Time Rental (Sep-Mar)
Monday-Friday: 6:30am – 3:30pm
Sunday: 6:30am – 12:00pm

Localper hour$73.50
Non Localper hour$98.50

Non-Seasonal (April – August)

Local Youthper hour$92.00
Local Adultper hour$105.00
Non Local Youthper hour$110.00
Non Local Adultper hour$125.00

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Arena Non-Ice

Arena Non-Ice Floor Special Events
(September – April)

Commercialper hour$200.00
Youth (Local)per hour$100.00
Youth (Non Local)per hour$150.00
Adult (Local)per hour$175.00
Adult (Non Local)per hour$200.00
Arena Portable Floorinstallation$1,750.00

Arena Non-Ice Seasonal Rental
(May 1 – August 30)

Commercialper hour$125.00
Youth (Local)per hour$32.00
Youth (Non Local)per hour$48.00
Adult (Local)per hour$48.00
Adult (Non Local)per hour$64.00
Socials (w/liquor) (based on 8 hours)per event$725..00

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Meeting Rooms

Meeting Room (Kinsmen and Lion Rooms)

Birthday Party (12 and under)
Kinsmen Room Only
3 hoursN/C
Community Services Initiated Meetingsper mtgN/C
Minor Sport Meetingsper mtgN/C
Half Day (based on 4 hours)per event$70.00
Full Day (based on 4-8 hours)per event$133.00
More than full dayper event$175.00

Morden Chiropractic Meeting Room & Meeting Room 2

Half Day (based on 4 hours) – both sidesper event$100.00
Full Day (based on 4 – 8 hours) – both sidesper event$165.00
More than full day (based on 8+ hours)per event$200.00
Rental for Recreation Classesper hour$23.00

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Community Hall

Gymnastics – (based on 4 hours)per slot $198.00
Cadets – (based on 1.75 hours)per slot $89.00
Socials (w/ liquor) – (based on 8 hours)per event$615.00
Concerts – chairs onlyper event$425.00
Banquet (buffet or full service)up to 100 people$224.00
Banquet (buffet or full service)101 – 200 people $338.00
Banquet (buffet or full service)$450.00
Hall Holdings (reserves room the
day before event for setup)
Half day event eg.(9am – 3 pm)
(12 pm – 6 pm) (6 pm – 1 am)
Full day event eg.( 9am – 6pm) 340.00
More than 8 hours eg.(
9+ hours, 9am – 12am)

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Miscellaneous Charges

Seating Risers – Internal Rentals Only
Table Rentals – External Rentalsper table/event $12.50
Chair Rentals – External Rentalsper chair/event$1.25
Stage Construction$245.00
Platform Riser – External Rentals$28.00
Coffee Urn Rentals – External Rentalsnot available
LCD Projector – External Rentalper event$32.00
Photocopyingper page
Curtains per event$300.00
Foyerper event$170.00
Portable Wheelchair Lift Non-Local (Damage deposit $250)per day$100.00
Stage Rental – outside user$550.00
Power Pedestals – there are 4 available each/per day$100.00

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Catering Meals

Breakfast*quote provided on menu selection*
Late Night Snack*
Dinner – Served*
Dinner – Buffets*
Juice Served*
Coffee Service Only*
Coffee or Tea Service*
Dessert Charges*
Bar Chargescorkage per person$3.00
Bartenders/ Ticket Takers/
Door Personnel
per person/per hour$13.75

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Outside Space

Suncatch Park – For Profit – up to half day$50.00
Suncatch Park – For Profit – over half day$75.00
Park Space – For Profit – per area – per daymax 3 days$400.00

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Ball Diamonds/Sports Fields

Occasional Fees (per diamond/field)

Commercialper use$87.00
Tournament Fees – Youthper day – includes initial chalk$62.00
Tournament Fees – Adults per day – includes initial chalk$110.00
Ball Schools/Selection Camps/
Clinics – Youth
per day$56.00
Per Game Fee (includes chalk)youth – game$33.00
Per Game Fee (includes chalk)adult – game$54.00
Per Game or a Practice Fee
(w/o chalk)
Per Game or a Practice Fee
(w/o chalk)
Chalk a Diamond$28.00

Seasonal Fees

MINOR BALL – TBall & Tossper player$3.75
Mites, Rookiesper player$13.50
Mosquito, PeeWee, Squirtsper player – chalk$21.75
Bantam, Midgetper player – chalk$27.50
Mohawks Sr. Ball – Adult Localper team$647.00
PV Orioles Jr. Ball – Youth Non-Localper team$647.00
Soccer/Football (Adult and Youth)
(w/o paint)
per player$13.00
Soccer/Football (Adult and Youth)
(with paint)
per player$22.40
Maintenance Employeeper hour$36.00

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Lake Minnewasta Beach and Campground Rates

Vehicle Passes (includes GST)

Vehicle/Motorcycle Daily Pass per vehicle$9.00
Vehicle/Motorcycle Season Pass (youth & adult)per vehicle$42.00

Boat Passes

Dailyper boat$15.00
Seasonalper boat$110.00

Camping Fees – Serviced Sites

Daily – water/electricity onlyper site$26.50
Monthly – water/electricity onlyper site$560.00
Seasonal – water/electricity onlyper site$1,110.00
Each extra tent – water/electricity onlyper site$15.00
Daily – water/electricity/sewerper site$32.00
Monthly – water/electricity/sewerper site$663.00
Seasonal – water/electricity/sewerper site$1,325.00
Each extra tent – water/electricity/sewerper site$15.00

Camping Fees – Unserviced Sites

Dailyper site$21.00
Monthlyper site$390.00
Each extra tentper site$15.00

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Western School Division

Ice Rentals
During regular school hours
for class purposes
Hockey Academyper hour$45.00
MCI Thunder Hockey Practices per hour $88.00
MCI Thunder Hockey Gameper hour$107.75
MCI Christmas Cheer Fundraising Gameper hour$107.75
Ball Diamonds
Games – including chalkper game$28.00
Soccer Fields
Set up of field and paint ($27x 5 hrs)
labor only
initial set up $135.00
Purchase of Paintper caseactual
Buhler Bleachers
Bleacher use for sport eventsdelivery charge $25.00
Set up and clean up – meeting roomper meeting $27.00
Set up and clean up – Community Hall
Practices: set up, take down and clean up (including school risers and washrooms) per practice $42.00
Concerts: set up school risers, staging and hall. Take down and clean up. (washrooms, meeting rooms, floors, risers, staging) (8 hours x$32 first 2 hours n/c)per concert $256.00
Graduation Ceremonies
Set Up (stage, chairs, curtains) (16 hrs x $32 first 4 hours n/c)per set up$512.00
Take Down ( volunteers from school and our staff)per take down
Supper set up, take down and clean up (4 x $32 first 2 hours n/c)per supper
Additional Maintenance Staffper hour $35.00

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All of the above rates and charges are subject to the applicable taxes (GST and or PST) unless marked otherwise.
The above Rates & Charges are subject to change without notice.