2018 Event Details

It’s the most “brilliant” time of the year for most homes, and the City of Morden is planning it’s third annual Walk or Bike Tour of Lights to celebrate the holidays and enjoy all the lights that Morden residents have put on display.

This will be a short, but sweet and slow winter-y community bicycle ride or walk throughout Morden’s streets and pathways and will explore some great light displays along the way.

“Winter is always a time when people generally start to slow down and we wanted to encourage residents to stay active throughout this season,” said Stephanie Dueck, Recreation Programmer for the City of Morden.

Morden Police have provided a reminder regarding cyclists who are biking after dark, that the Highway Traffic Act requires the following equipment for bicycles at night:  a white light on the front of your bike and a red or amber reflector on the rear.  Some of these items will be available as door prizes, but you are also encouraged to purchase these items, and invest in your safety! Bicycle helmets are required for children under 12, but it is highly recommended for everyone! Walkers are encouraged to dress in a way that makes them visible to motorists.

2018 Maps: Walk & Bike

See the Lights, Be the Lights!
Participants are encouraged to light up and decorate themselves and their bikes with lights (available at most sporting goods and bike stores). Everyone in festive attire or festively decorated bikes will be entered into a draw for some great local prizes!

When: December 18, 6pm
Where: Meet at Morden Activity Centre – 306 N Railway St
How far will we ride or walk? Bike ride will be about 8km, or roughly 40 minutes of biking. Walk with be about 3km, or roughly 40 minutes of walking.
Can my kids join? Of course! Younger riders and walkers are welcome, and they may also turn back earlier with adult supervision if needed!
Will there be a post-ride/walk meeting point? Absolutely. We will be enjoying free hot chocolate and games at Morden Activity Centre after the walk/bike. Anyone is welcome at this festive party, even if you didn’t walk or bike.
Do I need a fancy bike? Absolutely not. A regular mountain bike should do just fine, and you are free to go at your own pace. Walking is also a great option if you’re not up for the bike ride.
Should I bring bike lights? Yes! The more the better! Light yourself and your bike up like a Christmas tree! Walkers are also encouraged to wear reflective gear or clip on flashing lights. Clip on flashing lights will also be available at the event.

Why bike in the Winter?  Winter cycling is quickly becoming a popular activity around the world. If you dress for it, prepare to take it easy, and select a route with less traffic, it’s a great way to get around and to stay active all year long. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to get around on a bike, even in winter. Remember to consider how you dress – layers are important because, even though it appears cold out, it’s very easy to overheat when you get moving!

Why walk in the Winter?  Fresh air is health care, and if you can get outside regularly you’ll feel better! Slippery sidewalks can be a reason why some may choose to stay inside. Many pharmacies and department stores sell grips that fit over boots, and this is a great way to walk in winter safely!