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BOATsmart-BoatLicenseAll operators of motorized and non-motorized water craft must follow the Lake Minnewasta Boating and Watercraft procedure (CS-014 Lake Minnewasta Boating and Watercraft Procedure 20131012) to ensure their own safety and the safe and pleasant boating experiences of other lake users.

Lake Minnewasta Boat Route Map

There are two areas at either end of Lake Minnewasta that are restricted to motorized boats, the beach area and the back of the lake. Restricting the area at the back of the lake enables the vegetation that fish use to spawn, to mature, as well as improves the water quality.

All power boat operators are required to follow this route for their own safety and for the safe and pleasant experience of other boat operators.

Boat operator’s responsibilities

  • Power boat operators must be able to produce a Pleasure Craft Operator Card.
  • Boat operators must register all boats and water craft at the gate and ensure a valid pass is displayed on the trailer (either seasonal or daily pass).
  • If boat operators want to launch before the front gate is open or after it is closed, they are required to buy a pass at the Campground Office.
  • Boat operators are responsible for themselves, their boats, and their passengers.


  • Only fishing boats and non-motorized craft are allowed on the lake before noon and after 8 p.m.
  • On Tuesday and Thursdays, power boats that create wakes are not allowed on the lake after 6 p.m.
  • Boat launch control gates close at 11 p.m. and open at 6 a.m.
  • Boat launch control gates are closed at the discretion of lake management, for security, maintenance, water conditions quality, and/or public safety.
  • A maximum of six power boats (e.g., jet skis, jet-powered boats, or horsepower boats) are allowed on the lake at one time. Jet-powered boats are in the same category as 45+ horsepower boats.


  • Careless and dangerous boating is not tolerated. Reckless boaters will be reported to the local police.
  • All power boat (e.g., jet skis, jet-powered boats, and horsepower boats) must follow the boat route.
  • All boat operators must stay to the left of the buoys that mark the boat launch area.
  • Power boats yield to smaller vessels.
  • Boat operators are expected to be respectful of all water users.Parking.
  • All boat trailers must be parked in the designated parking area at the entrance to the boat launch area.
  • Campers with boats can store them at their campsites. If a parked boat takes up space on a neighbouring campsite or the roadway, it will have to be moved to the parking lot by the boat dock.


The local police are responsible for enforcing the Lake Minnewasta Boating and Watercraft Policy. The Campground Manager is responsible for ensuring all campground staff understand the policy. Any concerns or questions should be brought to the attention of the Community Service Department.