Streets Roads & Sidewalks

Street Maintenance

The City of Morden Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining all paved streets and lanes in a safe driving condition for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Activities include:

  • Inspection of streets on a regular basis;
  • Annual crack filling;
  • Pothole repairs;
  • Repair of various paved street failures such as dips, frost boils, etc.;
  • Milling of rutted sections identified through inspections;
  • Temporary cold mix repairs to potholes and small excavations during the winter months.

Each year, the City of Morden schedules a variety of preservation programs to maintain the existing street infrastructure. Any roads requiring repairs which are identified through customer inquiries or the field staff, that have not been scheduled for a major repair in the current year, will receive routine maintenance, primarily consisting of pothole patching and maintenance.

Pothole and Pavement Cut Patching
Every effort is made to patch potholes and pavement cuts as soon as possible in the spring. Permanent patching with hot mix asphalt is completed on dry streets following the same priority system used for snow clearing in the winter. Temporary patching on streets that are still wet with snow-melt is done manually with a cold mix.

Blade Level
For roads with extensive utility settlements resulting in rough surface conditions and drainage problems, an asphalt surface patch is placed by a grader over most of the road surface. To enable the asphalt to properly adhere and to reduce the porosity of the surface, an asphalt emulsion (oil) is placed over the entire road surface. This final surface will contain coarse areas and may have minor depressions that still hold some water. This work requires full road closure during the duration of the work.

For roads with surface deterioration, a poor profile and moderate cracking, resurfacing work is performed. This is a major treatment which includes: survey, design, re-profiling to improve drainage and repair of failed areas. The final stage of construction involves overlaying the entire road with a new asphalt surface. A full road closure is required.

Overall structural failure is indicated when city streets show extensive cracking and deformation. Work consists of completely pulverizing the failed asphalt surface, removal of failed material, reclamation of granular material, re-compaction of the road structure and complete resurfacing. Some locations may have a stabilizer added to the base material to increase its strength. A full road closure will be required for several days.

Sidewalk Maintenance

The City of Morden Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining City sidewalks in a safe condition for pedestrian traffic and to reduce / eliminate personal injury claims.
>Activities include:

  • Repair of safety hazards and major deterioration.
  • Replacement of settled house connections.
  • Overlay of damaged sidewalks with hot mix asphalt as a temporary repair.
  • Repair of minor sidewalk deficiencies ie. crack filling, patching curbs, overlaying, grinding down dangerous “Lips”.