Snow Removal

Snow in downtown Morden.

Winter is a beautiful time of year in Morden, but we can get a lot of snow! It is important to understand the City’s process.


Each year the “Overnight Parking Ban” takes effect on October 1 through to April 30 and everyone is asked not to park on the streets between the hours of 12:00 Midnight and 8:00 AM.

What You Can Do To Help?

When the snow comes as it does every winter, the aim of the Morden Public Works Department is to have the whole City cleared as quickly as possible. To do this they need your help. There are a few things that everyone can do to help speed up the process. They are;

  • Please do not park on the streets. This will assist in the snow clearing operation. If you do park on the street you may be towed AND ticketed. Each year the “Overnight Parking Ban” takes effect October 1 through to April 30. Everyone is asked not to park on the streets between the hours of 12:00 Midnight and 8:00 AM. See By-Law 17BL10-Traffic Control.
  • Please do not park in the boulevard area of your driveway. Vehicles left in this area may impede with snow clearing as well as cause a safety issue for others by impairing visibility.
  • Please do not call the Councillors or the Morden Civic Centre with snow removal issues – call the hot-line at Public Works on 204-822-5119
  • For safety reasons, you may not push snow onto the street. If you do, the City will charge you the cost for removal of the snow.  See By-Law 17BL16  Obstructions Municipal Roads By-Law.

What is the Snow Removal Procedure?

The City of Morden’s first priority in respects to winter roads is to maintain safe open roadways for public use.

For a map that shows the priority zones for clearing snow from streets and sanding, click here.

For a map that shows the priority zones for clearing snow from sidewalks and paths, click here.

Generally the following procedures are followed:

  • Plowing is usually done at night, weather permitting (thus the parking ban for the winter months).
  • There are two pieces of equipment for snow removal, a grader and a loader, which first clear the collector streets. A hired contractor unit is available when required.
  • One unit starts at the southwest corner of City and works its way north and east.
  • The other unit plows Stephen Street and then proceeds to the east end of City then working westward.
  • Sidewalks are also opened during street cleaning.
  • Typically the City is plowed by morning, depending on the amount of snowfall.
  • The airport, recreation center and outlying areas are then addressed.
  • When blizzard conditions exist priorities are given to Police, Fire and Emergency vehicles.  Snow removal equipment is on standby to permit these departments to function as necessary.  City wide plowing of streets normally begins after the storm has subsided.
  • When streets are being cut down due to hard packed snow, approaches are cleared.  Approaches will also be opened by the City in circumstances where there is a fairly significant amount of wet snow, or where the amount of snowfall generates large windrows throughout the entire City (not just in isolated areas).

Generally speaking Public Works strive to have all streets plowed overnight.  After heavier snowfalls, more time is required to plow.

Windrows of plowed snow with an average height in excess of 30 cm (12 in) high shall normally be removed from all front street driveway approaches in conjunction with the street plowing operation and during the same shift as the street is plowed.

As a means to provide speedy service together with an affordable mill rate, the City has maintained its present format for snow removal.  Our number one goal is still to provide safe passable streets for the general public as quickly and consistently as possible.

Clearing Snow Windrows of Driveways – Policy WO-021

At the Council Meeting held on December 5th, 2011 Council adopted Policy WO-021 – Clearing Snow Windrows of Driveways. Click on the link above to read the full policy. When the windrows are being cleared, the overall snow clearing could take two to three days longer to complete.

Who can help you with Snow Removal?

Here are a few contacts that can be called for snow removal ;

Boundary Trails Landscaping – Box 244, Morden, Mb    Mike & Ed Kehler 204-822-9143
Custom Snow Removal – 156 Route 100 Morden, Mb   Snow Removal 204-362-7103
DK Landscaping Ltd. – 301 – 4 Alexandria Bay, Morden, MB 204-822-6081
Ed’s Home & Yard Service – 409 6th St, Morden Mb 204-822-4105
Yards by Steve  – 1 Pearce Drive , Morden Mb 204-822-1283 or 204-362-3744
Morden Excavating – 157 Grant St,  Morden Mb 204-822-3980
Bob Gionet Construction –  31 Athens Bay, Morden Mb 204-822-3682
Bernie Giesbrecht 204-362-0007
Morden Concrete Works 204-822-5769
Horizon Earthworks 204-384-1103