What is a Zoning By-Law?

A Zoning By-law is needed to regulate and control the use and development of land and buildings within the Municipal limits of the City of Morden.

Why do we need a Zoning By-Law?

The regulations established by By-law 08-2017 are deemed necessary in order:

  1. To ensure general conformance with the objectives and policies of the MSTW Planning District Development Plan.
  2. To outline the powers and duties of the City of Morden Council (Council), the MSTW Planning District Planning Board (Planning Board), the Designated Officer and the landowner and/or developer as they relate to this By-law.
  3. To regulate the following:
    • all buildings and structures erected hereafter;
    • all uses or changes in use of all buildings, structures and land established hereafter;
    • all structural alterations or relocations of existing buildings and structures occurring hereafter;
    • the increase or decrease of the average grade of a site by 0.15 m (0.50 ft.) or more in height; and
    • all enlargements or additions to existing buildings, structures and uses

City of Morden Zoning By-Law 08-2017

This by-law is intended to promote orderly and thoughtful development of real property and development in the City, in order to promote the health, safety and general welfare of the City. Click on the link to download a full copy of the Zoning By-Law document. 

Zoning Map – (Click on this link to download a copy of the map.)

Application Forms

  • Click on the link above to download the Application Form for Variances, Conditional Use, and Zoning Amendments.


  • Minor Variation Order prior to commencement of construction $50
  • Minor Variation Order following commencement of construction $600 **
  • Variation Order prior to commencement of construction $200
  • Variation Order following commencement of construction $800 **
  • Zoning Ammendments $500
  • Conditional Use prior to commencement of construction $200
  • Conditional Use following commencement of construction $550**

(** These fees are effective with any construction after January 1st, 1994.)