Tree Voucher Program

tree-illustrationThe City of Morden has two annual Tree Voucher Program intakes for boulevard trees.

Any homeowner who would like a boulevard tree in front of their home is invited to apply to the the City of Morden Parks Department for a boulevard tree voucher.


Spring Deadline   June 10
 Fall Deadline   September 9

For spring or summer tree plantings you should apply prior to June 10 of each year. For autumn tree plantings, you should apply prior to September 9 of each year. *Applications collected after the deadlines will remain on file for the following intake period.*


To apply for a tree voucher, contact the City of Morden Parks Department by phone: 204-362-3999 or email: The Parks Department will approve the location and species of the tree and provide the homeowner with a $60.00 Tree Voucher. This voucher allows the homeowner to go to Morden Nurseries to pick up a tree, which they would plant in the designated spot on their boulevard.


The watering and general maintenance of the tree would be the responsibility of the home owner. The City of Morden Parks Departments is responsible for the establishment, pruning, insect & disease control, and removal of boulevard trees.

The trees provided by the City of Morden are approximately 6’ tall and may include the following selection of tree species: Maple, Linden, Amur Cherry, Hackberry, Discovery, Brandon Elm, Tree Lilacs, Ash, Spring Snow Apple, Catalpa and Oak. To maintain diversity and health within a neighbourhood, the City of Morden plans the arrangement of species on a particular street.

The homeowner can arrange to have a larger tree, however they will have to pay the difference in the cost.

“The Tree Voucher Program provides homeowners the opportunity to plant their boulevard tree when the timing suits them best. For efficiency reasons, the Parks Department usually waits for a whole neighbourhood to be developed prior to planting. If a new home owner is landscaping their yard and would like to include their boulevard tree, this program provides them with some flexibility,” said Clare Agnew – Director of Community Services.

Boulevard Tree Voucher Leaflet

Tree Care Leaflet