Municipal Grants

The City of Morden receives requests for grants and funding both on an annual and one time basis.

The types of events that will be considered are:

  • Special Event or Project– an event held in the City of Morden occurring with a frequency  no  greater  than  once  every  two  years,  lasting  for  a  minimum  of  two consecutive days, which provides a high profile and significant economic benefit for the City of Morden through a large number of estimated spectators and tourists, and through the expected extent of publicity generated.
  • Sports Event– an event where the athletic skills of individuals or groups are showcased or where a champion for a level of competition is determined (i.e. provincial, regional, national, international).
  • Festival– an event that provides for fun and enjoyment for the public in the City of Morden and attracts widespread spectators and tourists to the City.
  • Special Interest Groups– groups in the City of Morden who request funds from the City on an annual basis to assist in their annual operating expenditures.

To be eligible for a grant your organization must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be non-profit organization
  • Organizations that exist primarily for political purposes, for-profit, or for the purpose of providing funding to other groups are not eligible.
  • The Grant Application must be completed in full and submitted in writing two (2) months in advance of the event and in the case of special interest groups by December 15 of each year for the next calendar year.
  • Each organization, if approved, may only receive one (1) grant per year.
  • Each organization, in the case of special events or sports events, if they qualify, will normally receive a maximum of $850.00 per year, or as otherwise approved by Council of the City of Morden for the special event in question.
  • The event must be held in the City of Morden.
  • The event must clearly demonstrate the potential to draw participants and spectators from outside the City of Morden area.
  • The event must be officially sanctioned by the appropriate provincial, national or international organization that regulate the special event and should be accompanied by an official letter of support from the governing body.
  • In the case of special interest groups as defined above, any funding requests must include annual financial statements and reports and should include any revenue sources from other organizations.

For more information click on the following links:

Policy FA-004 outlines the eligibility and criteria for receipt of grants.

Policy FA-017 outlines the expectations of the City from the recipients of these grants or funding.

FORM-FA-004-Municipal Grant Application – Downloadable PDF.