Community Justice


The Community Justice Co-ordinator reports to the Director of Community Services and is responsible for the administering of the community justice program on behalf of the Morden Justice Committee.

The aim is to provide a fair and responsible community justice program that allows for justice to be carried out in an effective manner within the community, which will have a significant effect on the overall wellbeing of community residents.


  1. Co-ordinates the community justice program to ensure it is effective and efficient.

Main Activities:

  • Receives case referrals on behalf of the Morden Justice Committee through the Youth Extrajudicial Sanction Program (EJS) and the Adult Alternative Measure Program (AM).
  • Liaises with the RCMP and City Police to encourage the use of the program.
  • Prepares the offenders and victims for their voluntary participation in the program.
  • Conducts research on client backgrounds and sentencing options.

2.   Provides support to the Morden Justice Committee.

Main Activities:

  • Prepares and submits reports on the program to the MB Department of Community Youth & Corrections.
  • Maintains all files, documentation and reports according to the requirements set out in legislation, by-laws, policy or professional best practices.
  • Provides advice to the Morden Justice Committee.

Community Justice Coordinator
Rick Paracholski
111 Gilmour Street, Morden, MB
Phone: 204-822-5431 ext.224
Fax: 204-822-6619