There are three cemeteries in the City of Morden – Chapel Cemetery, Hillside Cemetery and Southside Cemetery. The City of Morden owns and operates the Hillside Cemetery, which is located on the South side of Thornhill as you travel West on Highway #3 going out of Morden.(Click here to see the Visitor Map which will help you locate the cemeteries)

Hillside Cemetery

The following are the rules and regulations for the Hillside Cemetery.

  1. All cemetery plots shall be purchased at the Morden Civic Centre Office. Plots will be sold in a sequential fashion as determined by the Cemetery Committee.
  2. Cemetery plots purchased shall not be resold or transferred without the approval of the Cemetery Committee. Committee may approve refunds at the original purchase price.
  3. Grave covers and/or curbs made of concrete, fibreglass or other materials are not permitted. Headstones of natural rock may be used with a maximum size of 3′ x 3′ and 4′ high. Headstone must be placed on a concrete base with top of base at ground level.
  4. Maintenance and repairs of headstones is up to the family members of the deceased.
  5. Location of plots purchased shall be located and staked by the Cemetery Caretaker prior to excavation.
  6. The cost of digging and closing the grave must be borne by those in charge of arrangements for the deceased.
  7. Flowers and wreaths may be placed on a gravesite but no permanent shrubs, trees or plantings will be permitted.
  8. Grave “stacking” (2 regular interments in one plot) will not be allowed. One ash interment will be allowed in the same plot as a regular interment. There is an additional fee for this extra interment as stated in the fee schedule.
  9. Urns and containers from cremation may be interred in a regular plot, with up to 2 interments allowed. There is an additional fee for this extra interment as stated in the fee schedule.
  10. The responsibility of the Cemetery Caretaker shall be as follows:
  • mow the grass as necessary
  • stake lots prior to excavation
  • clean up excess dirt from new plots
  • maintain appearance of plots (top dressing, sow grass)
  • maintenance of cemetery tools and equipment
  • tree pruning and watering
  • spring clean up
  • staking plots for winter
  • responsible to City of Morden – Director of Community Services

Hillside Cemetery Plot Prices

Regular Plot (plus GST) $750.00
Baby Plot (1/2 size plot) (plus GST) $175.00
Second Interment in same plot (plus GST) $375.00